Izo Cleanse Review

Two nights ago on Day 44 of my iZO Cleanze, I had another enlightening chakra healing session with the amazing Charisse Landise. A chakra reading with Charisse is nothing less than other-worldly.   In a typical session, she’ll turn the lights down and ease you into a theta state where she peacefully accesses your astral body.  She is incredibly clairvoyant, able to tell you things about yourself that your conscious mind may not even have an idea about.  Charisse is exceptionally good at reading your relationships, and is so in tune with you that she can read the thoughts of the person you’re having a relationship with and help you navigate the fuzzy areas where ego-based assumption and insecure confusion lead to often fatal relationship misunderstandings.

Charisse is one of my favorite people in the world because she is so earnest and compassionate and full of love with the insight that she provides regarding what makes you tick. But she’s also not afraid to tell you what may be holding you back.  The beauty is that she conveys the tough love insight with such constructive spin, even if it’s not the most flattering reality.  Charisse makes it all good, and helps me realize how my mistakes and weaknesses are doorways into growth and wisdom.  She is truly an angel.

The most striking thing for me in this session was her deep grasp of the transformation I am undergoing.   In particular, Charisse zeroed in on how I’ve used my “internal crash” low (See ‘The Downward Spiral of 2008) as a diving board for the highest level of transformation.  I think this is the most powerful lesson to be gleaned from this cleanse for me: that it is only once we’ve been disgraced enough by the damning effects of our ignorance and our dark side dabbling that we cultivate that burning need for the Light.

Of course, you could figure out your mistakes early on and be on the righteous path before permanent damage sets in.  Ah, if only i were enlightened enough to be drawn to the light solely by the carrot of love, rather than driven by the stick of fear.  But one way or another, whether it’s painful or pleasant, somehow, some way, no matter how long it takes, you’re gonna realize at some point that All is One and that yoU are the Universe. For me, this is the way into understanding the often intangible and abstract Truth that ultimately, at the end of the day (after many lifetimes), there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  Using my internal crash as an example, the ‘bad’ was a catalyst for higher consciousness ‘good’.  “Turn the lemon into lemonade,” I like to say, being a ‘juice guy’ and all.  Or perhaps, having evolved into more of a ‘bowel-cleansing guy’ these days, i should say “turn the shit into gold.”

Please keep in mind that Charisse does not usually work with the lights on because it can interrupt her access to the theta state, and most definitely she was a bit camera-shy.  So for all intensive purposes, consider this to be ‘Charisse-lite’.  When the camera is off, and the lights are dim, her gloves come off! 😉  Check Charisse out at www.charisselandise.com Charisse is AWESOME!


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