Whole Life Times Magical Mystery Tour

Give your left-brain the slip, drop centuries of ancestral baggage and follow your four-legged synchronistic spirit guide into the wild and wooly world of urban shamanry.

What’s to differentiate a real deal, true blue shaman from your friendly, neighborhood Reiki master? The primary difference between a shaman and a healer is the shamanic initiation  — an unforeseen and harrowing (usually) physical challenge that takes the shaman-to-be to the brink of death where, faced with his own mortality, he not only gleans lessons from the threshold of his own personal eternity, but is forced to heal himself to come back.

“When you face illness, you confront your mortality, and in that confrontation, you develop a rapport with the other side,” says Charisse Landise, an L.A. based shamanic healer who has endured the physical traumas that distinguish the shaman, including an extended dance with rheumatoid arthritis and a childhood bout of penicillin poisoning that’s rendered her wrists immobile. An illness or injury  is the shaman’s initiation, serving to cleanse the body, which in the process becomes a purified vessel for spiritual transmission.

whole life times

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