Everything is Working Out Perfectly

Are you reaping benefits from worrying? If not, you actually have another option. And you can always go back to worrying if this doesn’t work. Worry can be your back up plan if it makes you feel any better, the option will be there.

Imagine everything working out perfectly! This will require you to get out of the so called drivers seat of life, and let god universe drive. The traffic was too stressful and beyond your control anyway. Being part of a bigger process of life means we’re just tagging along. Where earth goes we follow. We’re not in control and that is very good news.

Allow the huge design of life which surrounds, enfolds, and is one with us, take over.
It seems to know what it’s doing. So far we are the ones who don’t. God universe doesn’t seem to be having any problems.

True we may not like what is happening but it doesn’t mean anything’s wrong. Hard doesn’t always mean something’s going wrong. Life gets to be how it is, sometimes it’s hard. Life gets to be alive, that’s what it does best. The other thing it’s good at is dying. Life needs death to survive. “One thing we’re really good at is dying!” my brother Cyril always said.

So everything’s alive, we’re all connected, and what we think about creates reality. Reality is what is real in the here now. Thinking about it starts the process. What would you like to dream up as reality?

Every thought, each droplet of life force, makes it grow. You really have a choice, so go for the thing you’ve always wanted. If you fail, you can go back to worrying. Hurry up choose and see what awaits.

I don’t know call me crazy but staying healthy is pretty high on my list. Staying happy here on this beautiful planet, in this beautiful body as long as I can, until I can’t anymore. I want to get good at living. I seriously want be as good at living as I am at dying.


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    Yes, this is so true Charisse. I really love the line about you can go back to worrying, if the other option doesn’t feel right.

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