Time is money, so eternity must be loaded

Time has been doing cartwheels and backflips for me. It’s quite the show. I feel like I’m in a freeze frame, watching it give the performance of its life. In all my days, I never saw Father Time speed up so fast!!! I’d like to see that dude get a speeding ticket. Driving at the speed of light? I mean really!

But here I am speeding through thoughts in my head too, like a gymnast, so I’m just as guilty. I have no choice but to exit the next ramp now, and surrender though. If I resist my thoughts it only creates more of them. My center stage cartwheel thought, as I pull off the ramp, has everything to do with mortality.Everyone I love is getting older too. Tick-Tock the mouse ran up the clock. Death has so much in common with birth in fact, that a nursery rhyme comes to mind. Part and parcel to life they say, so no big deal really. A little bit of life, a little of dis’. A little bit of death, a little bit of dat’. Mixes quite the galactic cocktail. Yummy indeed. Vampira and I, always did share a few tastes in common.

I revel as I mix the olives of my life up with, the star dust of my death. Celebrate the joyful sweet taste of existence, mmm, quite luscious. Tossed inside the fragile nature of all things. Pleasure never begins to grow old for me,  though I clearly grow old on it. The grim reaper is a man of very fine taste.

But then there’s the small matter, of my taking so much beauty and opulence for granted, for so long. Plain old spoiled with a dash of blind I guess. The times, and the family, I was fortunate to be born into, gifted me with so much bounty. I took it for granted. Now I’m seeing things differently. I see reality much more clearly. All this clarity feels like, all heaven is about to break loose. As opposed to the hell I felt, when I initially realized this.

Yup, my family aging is waking up quite the compassion in me. Compassion sure takes its sweet time coming. Could have really used more of it early in life. But aging involves a certain amount of decimation, delay, and loss, so it can’t arrive any sooner than it does. The irony is, aging always feels like it sneaks up on you when it finally does arrive though. But then once and for all, it offers you the opportunity of your life. To understand your own mortality.

Long gone the feeling, this life lasts forever. Today is Wednesday, now you see it, now you don’t.

And add to all this, the startling new emphasis on currency, (or current-sea, as my friend Syd Straw likes to spell it). The de-emphasizing and emphasizing of money. Mixed with the feeling of time speeding up, and life falling away. Well it’s hard to make head or tails of this, and headway too. Simultaneously, time is busy raking in the big bucks. It has to be. Time is money, so eternity must be loaded. Glad immortality is my next destination, since it’s obviously is the most opulent of all.


  1. Posted April 29, 2010 at 7:18 pm | Permalink

    Damn straight.
    I’ll give you a nickel for a whiff of eternity!

    • Posted May 1, 2010 at 8:46 pm | Permalink

      Alright, I’ll pull some “strings” to arrange that… and raise you a penny for your thoughts!

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