Vintage “Bag-in” idea restored

Ever since John and Yoko, nobody’s been celebrating wearing bags. It’s all been very boring around here lately. Everybody seems more than content to just carry bags, but not wear them. Yoko Ono once-upon-a-time, made hanging out and wearing a bag look fun, thank goodness. Bless her magical enchantress spirited heart. Find her fabulous physique below.

She and John Lennon also once made another very artistically bold video. People were walking down the street, during the day, with medium size paper bags over their heads. (From the John Lennon video compilation). There was such sigh of relief in the neighborhood. Everyone let their guards down. The everyday norm was interrupted with playful overtness. And no one had to pretend they were separate anymore. The bag disguised the everyday disguise. This was so satisfying on a soul level.

How can I muster up the courage to walk down the street and wear a bag? John and Yoko healed society in the days of yore. They brought people together. Everybody was a little more comfortable with each other. How cool is that? I wonder if the same gesture would work now?

It’s definitely worth a try.

I commit to walking down the street, wearing a bag over my head this month. No one will know it is me. Only you. So if you see me, stop and say hello.

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    I’ll join you.
    From youtube:

    “According to John and Yoko while wearing a bag a person could not be judged by others on the basis of skin color, gender, hair length, age, or other such attributes. It was presented as a form of total communication. Instead of focusing on outward appearance, the listener would hear only the bagist’s message.”

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