Time for our species to develop new spirituality with Earth

We are facing the very solemn consequences, of the endless raping of Mother Earth, and of seeking deadly energy sources. Our 21st-century global tribe needs non-violent energy solutions as of today. We don’t have time or the technology to stop “oil-drilled volcanos” from spewing, so we must stop the drilling altogether. The only permanent protection for our precious ocean and atmosphere, is to leave the oil safely inside the ground.

To honor the Gulf of Mexico oil emergency which is in progress, means to make appropriate changes. For example, turn off lights and power when not in use, and fly in planes when absolutely necessary. Yes, in a smaller and smaller world, we need such daily commitment, to use energy wisely, and set new standards to protect all things beautiful. This also means false energy solutions, such as the Cap and Trade, or use of Biodiesel fuels, must also be exposed as ineffective, and upgraded.

Green eco-lifestyle isn’t just the purchasing of earth-friendly products either. The heart of the matter actually lies in the heart. The heart chakra is green in color. Now is the time to come from the heart. Time for our species to develop new spirituality with Earth. Utilize our resource of compassion from within. Begin loving everyone as if they’re part of a tribe, we love belonging to. Use this vastly untapped resource inside us, and love everyone as life itself. Let’s expand this vibration in our hearts, and create that miracle, we all very much need right now.

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