7 Reasons Why I am a Fan of Meditating

1) It helps me feel expansive:
While other people say, “Let me think about it”, I prefer to say, “Let me meditate on it.” I like this distinction, because I don’t have to promise I’ll give it more thought. It still implies, I’ll give it careful consideration of a different kind, in my own time, and at my own pace. The last thing I ever want to do, is obligate myself to more thinking! (unless absolutely necessary.) Thinking has become one of my least favorite activities because of it’s inherent limitations, and meditating feels more expansive. This is one of the reasons why I’m a fan.
2) It’s amusing:
The word itself, has a ring of authority to it. So when I say, “I am going to meditate”, it sounds like I really know what I’m doing. I sound smart and together, edgy and ancient in one fell swoop. The irony is, it’s the polar opposite of doing. This feels deliberately contrary to making sense in this reality. I like messing with reality, so I find this irony amusing.
3) It’s productive:
I first discovered liking it, when I realized I could get a lot done, without having to do anything. With workaholic tendencies, this was a fabulous discovery. I could travel to other dimensions inside myself, lose track of time, rearrange my outlook, plus feel a great sense of accomplishment afterwards. Can’t beat that for productivity.
4) It’s private:
When it only appears as if I am sitting resting, in fact I am exercising a deeper part of my being. No one knows what I am really up to, and no one ever has the nerve to ask me, “What were you doing while you were meditating?” It’s like asking someone, “What were you reading in the bathroom?” I like my privacy, and mediation appeals to my private nature.
5) It feels genuine:
Truth is, I have no clue what’s gonna happen next, yet here I am in the middle of a culture, which needs me to know. Yet, I’ve always been clueless, and all I know is that, I don’t know. But now more people are finding value in this inherent not knowing. And as it turns out, this is true wisdom. So my everyday thought process that sounds like, “Can’t know, don’t know, don’t have to,” is actually very wise. And it feels genuine.
6) It’s a ritual:
Oh man, whether I like it or not, life is an endless series of comings and goings. Even these words are dancing light particles, and not solid at all. Subatomic levels mirror distant galaxies, and cycles within cycles create constant change. Meditating helps me honor that everything is constantly moving away, from the last place it was at. This ritual helps me pay attention to this, and be grateful I’m still here.
7) It’s time-travel:
We are all entering a new phase of Earth’s evolution, as our inter-connection with everything becomes more apparent. Just as we would say, “our foot”, to describe an injured part of our own body, now we refer to, “our Japan”, as part of our Earth’s body. When I feel compassion I am instantly connected to any place. I can close my eyes, meditate and fly, giving blessings to the land and waters, so they may restore to beauty.
These are just some of the things I love about meditating. Give it a try and let me know how you like it.
Charisse Landise, Clairvoyant Healing Artist
also at DailyHeal.com. http://dailyheal.com/?s=charisse+landise

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