I Am An Expert Meditator!

Although first I started out only being a ponderer. When I was six years old, my Mother exclaimed, “Do you think I’m going to live forever? We’re all going to die.” I said in utter disbelief, ” What do you mean, Mom?!” That’s when she warned me, “You think too much! Don’t think so deeply Char.” But then I was already hooked, and had no choice but to ponder away at this existence.

MUCH to her dismay.

But come on now, I wasn’t too happy about it either!! I mean, no one around me seemed distracted by the fact that life was vastly mysterious. Although my Dad would sometimes chime in during thunder and lightening storms, “We’re like grains of sand compared to billions and billions of stars,” he’d say. That was before Carl Sagan, and way before The Beatles sat cross-legged in meditation in India, so the information really bothered me at a core level. How was I ever going to come to terms with being part of life and also separate from it?

So the Zen Koen persisted.

Rarely a day went by, when I didn’t ponder the unanswerable. Smoke would rise from my ears certain days. And all that pondering started to add up. Turned into a way of life. A way of being perpetually stumped. I had no answers, no matter how hard I tried.

I drew a blank over and over again.

I became used to having a blank mind. After all, I had one everyday. Never knew it was actually called something like meditation, I thought it was just the natural consequence of trying to solve things that are unsolvable, I also discovered it makes the brain enter a certain wavelength, known as Theta. And I got a lot of practice, just being present and breathing, while holding the awareness of all things mysterious. What a surprise I accidentally accomplished something extremely worthwhile!

I have been an expert meditator for a very long time, without ever knowing it!

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    Meditation is such a powerful practice. It can lead to spiritual, physical and mental benefits. It is amazing how many of us simply don’t meditate because we think it is weird. We should all open our minds and realize this can be one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves and it is completely free to do at any time!

    Great post! 🙂

    If you are interested I have some articles regarding meditation in my blogging community I have developed.


    Check it out if you are interested!

    Cheers! 🙂

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