Interruptions can be Unexpected Gifts

One of my favorite ways to groove into my meditation mojo, is listening to music. And on some days, the combination is a life saver.

Like the other day, when I was listening to my favorite David Byrne, with earbuds, at MCafe in L.A. Both my ears were hanging so tight to every note, I barely recognized an acquaintance walking by waving “hey”.

Being lost in this beautiful place felt right, until this customer with a loud voice came in, and sat down right next to me.
His voice was on DUDE volume and boomed of Liver Yang, which means Excess! He wasn’t about to lower it because I was sitting there. No way! I tried to ignore it, but failed when my mouth mumbled, “Man, you’ve gotta be kidding.”

My attention left my tune, zoomed onto him, and my space felt invaded. The more his voice interrupted me, the less less I liked being there. My mood turned and I spiraled, “Who does this DUDE think he is?”

Just as resentment was moving in fast, I heard a voice whisper in my head, “Turn up the volume in your own head-set to drown him out.” Wow, suddenly, DUH!, I was eye to eye with the obvious!

So I turned my volume up to Disney Hall concert levels, and my demeanor shifted to feet tapping, shoulder swaying, and even some chair dancing. Smiling while getting into it, I felt good being myself again.

And I was a much more visible, bigger version of myself! As if this side of me, is just hanging around, waiting for an invitation to come out and play. The DUDE with the Yang voice, in a way, handed me a backstage pass to my own show.

I tuned into myself, and forgot about him, and was back to enjoying my space. Then after a timeless while, I looked up, and he had vamoosed, totally flown the coop.

I know, it’s only a matter of time, until someone else will come along and push one of my comfort zones. (This is Earth, right?) Luckily, I’m beginning to realize, unexpected encounters can bear unexpected gifts, so let’s just say, I’m keeping spontaneous. And besides, the DUDE gave me a great excuse to get my favorite David Byrne on!!!

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