Velvet Breath Meditation

The Velvet Breath Meditation

When I was a little girl I played in the sand in my backyard. My hands would dip into the smooth warm sand and my nose would dip into the deep blue sky. I remember everything felt perfectly synchronized then. That was my first memory of the Velvet Breath. A lush rich experience of everything connected and alive.

As I grew older these experiences became less frequent. I began referring to them as epiphanies, rare and precious moments of losing myself to find my Self.

Then one day last week I noticed the Velvet Breath had completely gone. As if a meditation buddy-old-pal who had lived inside me suddenly vanished. I didn’t know it was missing until I lost it.

Oh yeah sure I had warning signs, but now all I cared about was finding a deep breath. My happy heartbeat was replaced with an alarming irregular one. And in a flashing instance, I sadly realized I had taken for granted something I couldn’t live without.

I laid down in bed and tried to breathe normally and calm my heart. Some recent life whammies had landed me here. My anxiety had been going on for a week but I ignored it, hoping it would go away.

At some point, somewhere I left my Self behind. And I was the one who needed to get Me back.

I began desperately talking to myself, saying things like “Relax, breathe deeply, everything’s okay.” And it wasn’t working. But I didn’t give up. I kept repeating, “You can do this. You can save yourself.”

That’s when I realized I didn’t just miss my Velvet Breath, I really loved it. It was my life-force and my best friend. It had always been there for me. I had lost my connection and I was desperate to get it back.

Here is the Velvet Breath Meditation that saved my life:

“Velvet Breath Welcome Back. You are my life-force. We’re one and the same. I love you. I am you. I am grateful for reconnecting with you now.”

I forgave myself for hurting myself. And the Velvet Breath returned like magic, smooth and luxurious. Healing and soothing. It had been there listening and waiting to heal me all along. It was a sense of something bigger rolling over me, like rain washes over sand, and the discomfort of not connecting dissolved away.

It will listen to you too. If you ever feel pressure from outside circumstances you have no control over and feel overwhelmed, remember the Velvet Breath Meditation. Tune into your lush and rich life-force that’s everywhere around you, and inside you. It’s a matter of joining in this present moment, and when you do, you’ll start to feel connected with everything again.
And you may even find yourself very happy to be alive, just like I did. Hallelujah!

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