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Holywood music video reveals unknown truth about Hollywood being one of the world’s spiritual centers.

Create Your Own Reality

When other peoples thoughts are inside your head it’s hard to think our own.
Psychic energy tools will help you know yourself better.

“Your life and individual frequency is very much like a radio dial. You set the station.” Excerpt from, “Field Guide to Reality.” Charisse Landise


Vintage “Bag-in” idea restored

Ever since John and Yoko, nobody’s been celebrating wearing bags. It’s all been very boring around here lately. Everybody seems more than content to just carry bags, but not wear them. Yoko Ono once-upon-a-time, made hanging out and wearing a bag look fun, thank goodness. Bless her magical enchantress spirited heart. Find her fabulous physique […]

Real Serious about Happiness

When we peer through our eyes, as the lamps to our spirit, we can find happiness. When we peer through the eyes of our ego, we find sadness. So which is real, or are they both real? Can we choose which one will be our reality, or do circumstances choose for us? Current social mythology […]