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Holywood music video reveals unknown truth about Hollywood being one of the world’s spiritual centers.

“Your life and individual frequency is very much like a radio dial. You set the station.” Excerpt from, “Field Guide to Reality.” Charisse Landise


Hello there dear fellow Earth passengers! Please, remember… I appreciate you!!! :)

Are you feeling good? And what do you need to feel even better? Please remember I’m here and I appreciate you! ­čÖé Love Charisse

Global citizens in a global marketplace, honor Gaia Earth as homeland.

Back in the days of the American Revolution, 13 British Colonies declared independence from being British “subjects” to becoming free “citizens” of the world.┬áThomas Jefferson presented this distinction clearly in writing. The Declaration of Independence, was intended as a global document, between the North American Continent and England. “With a firm reliance on the protection […]