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Holywood music video reveals unknown truth about Hollywood being one of the world’s spiritual centers.

“Your life and individual frequency is very much like a radio dial. You set the station.” Excerpt from, “Field Guide to Reality.” Charisse Landise

Hello there dear fellow Earth passengers! Please, remember… I appreciate you!!! :)

Are you feeling good? And what do you need to feel even better? Please remember I’m here and I appreciate you! 🙂 Love Charisse

Everything is Working Out Perfectly

Are you reaping benefits from worrying? If not, you actually have another option. And you can always go back to worrying if this doesn’t work. Worry can be your back up plan if it makes you feel any better, the option will be there. Imagine everything working out perfectly! This will require you to get […]

Nothing Else Does!!!

I gaze through the eyes of your spirit I gaze through the eyes of your ego I notice the difference Happiness and sadness Which is the true self? Sadness has already happened Happiness IS in this moment We’re sharing it now A cyber Satsang gathering You and me minding our own business Sharing an idea and Getting serious […]