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Holywood music video reveals unknown truth about Hollywood being one of the world’s spiritual centers.

Create Your Own Reality

When other peoples thoughts are inside your head it’s hard to think our own.
Psychic energy tools will help you know yourself better.

“Your life and individual frequency is very much like a radio dial. You set the station.” Excerpt from, “Field Guide to Reality.” Charisse Landise


Futuristic view for Memorial Day:

It is said the next TEN years holds more technological advances than the last ONE HUNDRED! Presently, the powers that be are simply waiting for the right times to integrate them into society! What if one of these techno savvy advances holds a solution to war? And like a Shakespearean beggar upon a treasure box, […]

Time for our species to develop new spirituality with Earth

We are facing the very solemn consequences, of the endless raping of Mother Earth, and of seeking deadly energy sources. Our 21st-century global tribe needs non-violent energy solutions as of today. We don’t have time or the technology to stop “oil-drilled volcanos” from spewing, so we must stop the drilling altogether. The only permanent protection […]