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Feeding Your Chakras

We can use food to nourish our chakra centers by utilizing the rainbow spectrum and applying it to our eating habits. We can actively contribute to the health of our entire being from the inside ou… Source: Feeding Your Chakras

Create Your Own Reality

When other peoples thoughts are inside your head it’s hard to think our own.
Psychic energy tools will help you know yourself better.

Endlessly Influencing everything.

Just because we’re not aware we’re connected to everything doesn’t mean we’re not! We create the fabric of the world we live in, with our thoughts and feelings. We’re endlessly influencing whether aware of it or not. We’re all contributing to everything. We operate on many dimensions simultaneous to this one. (You don’t have to […]

Psychic Bootcamp, Meaningful Community.

Being in competition, is the equivalent of our elbows arguing with our wrists! We are all inter-dependent with each other, and all life. Having a stronger sense of meaningful community, allows everybody to feel important and valuable!

Psychic Bootcamp Energy Healing

Everything is energy and the more it flows, the healthier it is.. much like a river! I am using my hands here, to check Cole’s grounding cord, and help him increase his energy flow. This is known as, tactile clairvoyance. One of the very cool things we practice in Psychic Bootcamp!

Psychic Bootcamp!

Psychic Bootcamp! We exercised our spiritual muscles together, so they’re good n’ sore now! The unknown became our friend for life, instead of our foe. Then we used our awesome personal authority and chose to be happy. It’s hard work but someone has to do it. Hee haw. When we delved deeply into simultaneous breathing, […]

Psychic Bootcamp!

Learn not to care what other people think! Ha ha!


FEB. 22nd, 4-6pm, The Sweat Spot, Silver Lake, LA, CA. 90026 You are the oracle. All answers lie within. Yay!


Yesterday’s Psychic Bootcamp at The Sweat Spot, in Silverlake, CA. was a hit! There will be another next month! It was serious fun. And I mean it. Ha ha! We expanded awareness and increased perceptions, which made possibilities appear, as if out of the blue. See you soon! Love, Charisse