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What is so exciting AND scary about PRESENT TIME??

Interruptions can be Unexpected Gifts

One of my favorite ways to groove into my meditation mojo, is listening to music. And on some days, the combination is a life saver.

Like the other day, when I was listening to my favorite David Byrne, with earbuds, at MCafe in L.A. Both my ears were hanging so tight to every note, I barely recognized an acquaintance walking by waving “hey”.

Being lost in this beautiful place felt right, until this customer with a loud voice came in, and sat down right next to me.
His voice was on DUDE volume and boomed of Liver Yang, which means Excess! He wasn’t about to lower it because I was sitting there. No way! I tried to ignore it, but failed when my mouth mumbled, “Man, you’ve gotta be kidding.”

My attention left my tune, zoomed onto him, and my space felt invaded. The more his voice interrupted me, the less less I liked being there. My mood turned and I spiraled, “Who does this DUDE think he is?”

Just as resentment was moving in fast, I heard a voice whisper in my head, “Turn up the volume in your own head-set to drown him out.” Wow, suddenly, DUH!, I was eye to eye with the obvious!

So I turned my volume up to Disney Hall concert levels, and my demeanor shifted to feet tapping, shoulder swaying, and even some chair dancing. Smiling while getting into it, I felt good being myself again.

And I was a much more visible, bigger version of myself! As if this side of me, is just hanging around, waiting for an invitation to come out and play. The DUDE with the Yang voice, in a way, handed me a backstage pass to my own show.

I tuned into myself, and forgot about him, and was back to enjoying my space. Then after a timeless while, I looked up, and he had vamoosed, totally flown the coop.

I know, it’s only a matter of time, until someone else will come along and push one of my comfort zones. (This is Earth, right?) Luckily, I’m beginning to realize, unexpected encounters can bear unexpected gifts, so let’s just say, I’m keeping spontaneous. And besides, the DUDE gave me a great excuse to get my favorite David Byrne on!!!

I Am An Expert Meditator!

Although first I started out only being a ponderer. When I was six years old, my Mother exclaimed, “Do you think I’m going to live forever? We’re all going to die.” I said in utter disbelief, ” What do you mean, Mom?!” That’s when she warned me, “You think too much! Don’t think so deeply Char.” But then I was already hooked, and had no choice but to ponder away at this existence.

MUCH to her dismay.

But come on now, I wasn’t too happy about it either!! I mean, no one around me seemed distracted by the fact that life was vastly mysterious. Although my Dad would sometimes chime in during thunder and lightening storms, “We’re like grains of sand compared to billions and billions of stars,” he’d say. That was before Carl Sagan, and way before The Beatles sat cross-legged in meditation in India, so the information really bothered me at a core level. How was I ever going to come to terms with being part of life and also separate from it?

So the Zen Koen persisted.

Rarely a day went by, when I didn’t ponder the unanswerable. Smoke would rise from my ears certain days. And all that pondering started to add up. Turned into a way of life. A way of being perpetually stumped. I had no answers, no matter how hard I tried.

I drew a blank over and over again.

I became used to having a blank mind. After all, I had one everyday. Never knew it was actually called something like meditation, I thought it was just the natural consequence of trying to solve things that are unsolvable, I also discovered it makes the brain enter a certain wavelength, known as Theta. And I got a lot of practice, just being present and breathing, while holding the awareness of all things mysterious. What a surprise I accidentally accomplished something extremely worthwhile!

I have been an expert meditator for a very long time, without ever knowing it!

Velvet Breath Meditation

The Velvet Breath Meditation

When I was a little girl I played in the sand in my backyard. My hands would dip into the smooth warm sand and my nose would dip into the deep blue sky. I remember everything felt perfectly synchronized then. That was my first memory of the Velvet Breath. A lush rich experience of everything connected and alive.

As I grew older these experiences became less frequent. I began referring to them as epiphanies, rare and precious moments of losing myself to find my Self.

Then one day last week I noticed the Velvet Breath had completely gone. As if a meditation buddy-old-pal who had lived inside me suddenly vanished. I didn’t know it was missing until I lost it.

Oh yeah sure I had warning signs, but now all I cared about was finding a deep breath. My happy heartbeat was replaced with an alarming irregular one. And in a flashing instance, I sadly realized I had taken for granted something I couldn’t live without.

I laid down in bed and tried to breathe normally and calm my heart. Some recent life whammies had landed me here. My anxiety had been going on for a week but I ignored it, hoping it would go away.

At some point, somewhere I left my Self behind. And I was the one who needed to get Me back.

I began desperately talking to myself, saying things like “Relax, breathe deeply, everything’s okay.” And it wasn’t working. But I didn’t give up. I kept repeating, “You can do this. You can save yourself.”

That’s when I realized I didn’t just miss my Velvet Breath, I really loved it. It was my life-force and my best friend. It had always been there for me. I had lost my connection and I was desperate to get it back.

Here is the Velvet Breath Meditation that saved my life:

“Velvet Breath Welcome Back. You are my life-force. We’re one and the same. I love you. I am you. I am grateful for reconnecting with you now.”

I forgave myself for hurting myself. And the Velvet Breath returned like magic, smooth and luxurious. Healing and soothing. It had been there listening and waiting to heal me all along. It was a sense of something bigger rolling over me, like rain washes over sand, and the discomfort of not connecting dissolved away.

It will listen to you too. If you ever feel pressure from outside circumstances you have no control over and feel overwhelmed, remember the Velvet Breath Meditation. Tune into your lush and rich life-force that’s everywhere around you, and inside you. It’s a matter of joining in this present moment, and when you do, you’ll start to feel connected with everything again.
And you may even find yourself very happy to be alive, just like I did. Hallelujah!

7 Reasons Why I am a Fan of Meditating

1) It helps me feel expansive:
While other people say, “Let me think about it”, I prefer to say, “Let me meditate on it.” I like this distinction, because I don’t have to promise I’ll give it more thought. It still implies, I’ll give it careful consideration of a different kind, in my own time, and at my own pace. The last thing I ever want to do, is obligate myself to more thinking! (unless absolutely necessary.) Thinking has become one of my least favorite activities because of it’s inherent limitations, and meditating feels more expansive. This is one of the reasons why I’m a fan.
2) It’s amusing:
The word itself, has a ring of authority to it. So when I say, “I am going to meditate”, it sounds like I really know what I’m doing. I sound smart and together, edgy and ancient in one fell swoop. The irony is, it’s the polar opposite of doing. This feels deliberately contrary to making sense in this reality. I like messing with reality, so I find this irony amusing.
3) It’s productive:
I first discovered liking it, when I realized I could get a lot done, without having to do anything. With workaholic tendencies, this was a fabulous discovery. I could travel to other dimensions inside myself, lose track of time, rearrange my outlook, plus feel a great sense of accomplishment afterwards. Can’t beat that for productivity.
4) It’s private:
When it only appears as if I am sitting resting, in fact I am exercising a deeper part of my being. No one knows what I am really up to, and no one ever has the nerve to ask me, “What were you doing while you were meditating?” It’s like asking someone, “What were you reading in the bathroom?” I like my privacy, and mediation appeals to my private nature.
5) It feels genuine:
Truth is, I have no clue what’s gonna happen next, yet here I am in the middle of a culture, which needs me to know. Yet, I’ve always been clueless, and all I know is that, I don’t know. But now more people are finding value in this inherent not knowing. And as it turns out, this is true wisdom. So my everyday thought process that sounds like, “Can’t know, don’t know, don’t have to,” is actually very wise. And it feels genuine.
6) It’s a ritual:
Oh man, whether I like it or not, life is an endless series of comings and goings. Even these words are dancing light particles, and not solid at all. Subatomic levels mirror distant galaxies, and cycles within cycles create constant change. Meditating helps me honor that everything is constantly moving away, from the last place it was at. This ritual helps me pay attention to this, and be grateful I’m still here.
7) It’s time-travel:
We are all entering a new phase of Earth’s evolution, as our inter-connection with everything becomes more apparent. Just as we would say, “our foot”, to describe an injured part of our own body, now we refer to, “our Japan”, as part of our Earth’s body. When I feel compassion I am instantly connected to any place. I can close my eyes, meditate and fly, giving blessings to the land and waters, so they may restore to beauty.
These are just some of the things I love about meditating. Give it a try and let me know how you like it.
Charisse Landise, Clairvoyant Healing Artist
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What is Reality?

The Bigger Version of You

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The Power of Disappointment

Global citizens in a global marketplace, honor Gaia Earth as homeland.

Back in the days of the American Revolution, 13 British Colonies declared independence from being British “subjects” to becoming free “citizens” of the world. Thomas Jefferson presented this distinction clearly in writing. The Declaration of Independence, was intended as a global document, between the North American Continent and England. “With a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor”, said the epilogue. Imagine that. Pacts were made between “citizens”, to pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to each other! We must do it again. We are undergoing a Global Revolution that is like the American Revolution. We’re not British or American “subjects”, we’re global “citizens” now. We urgently need a new global economy. We’re a very fragile species, on a very tiny planet, sharing precious resources in a global marketplace. Follow your passion and start your own business. Sound your biggest voice, in the dollars you spend. Each one casts a vote to sustain and honor, Earth Gaia as our homeland.