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Psychic Bootcamp, Meaningful Community.

Being in competition, is the equivalent of our elbows arguing with our wrists! We are all inter-dependent with each other, and all life. Having a stronger sense of meaningful community, allows everybody to feel important and valuable!

Psychic Bootcamp Energy Healing

Everything is energy and the more it flows, the healthier it is.. much like a river! I am using my hands here, to check Cole’s grounding cord, and help him increase his energy flow. This is known as, tactile clairvoyance. One of the very cool things we practice in Psychic Bootcamp!

Hope Anderson interviewed me for this article: Haunted Hollywoodland, Part III: The Ghost with the Top Hat and Cane:

Charisse Landise is a Beachwood Canyon resident and clairvoyant healing artist with a keen sense of the supernatural. We first met three years ago when I interviewed her on the significance of the Hollywood Sign for my documentary; since then we’ve talked periodically about Beachwood Canyon’s history and notable past residents. It was Charisse who had the vivid dream about […]

Charisse Landise SG Elite Clairvoyant Chakra Reader

I was selected as a Soulgarden elite clairvoyant reader. http://www.soulgardencollective.tv/page/sg-elite-readers-healers At SOULNIRVANA, visit my bi-weekly CHAKRA CENTRAL Classes. Learn colorful chakra secrets and strengthen your clairvoyance. It’s fun to follow our intuition. Everything is alive and responsive. Let’s celebrate the temporary in the eternal. There is no greater gift than awareness!!! Telepathically Yours, Charisse Landise […]

Best of LA Weekly Energy Tune-Up

Sometimes superfoods and shiatsu just aren’t enough to balance you. Charisse Landise can tune up your energy centers with one of her mind-blowing chakra readings. OH MY GOD. Not only is Charisse supremely tapped in and clairvoyant up the yin-yang, but she also boasts ultra-refined translation skills, retrieving information about your innermost you from the […]

Whole Life Times Magical Mystery Tour

Give your left-brain the slip, drop centuries of ancestral baggage and follow your four-legged synchronistic spirit guide into the wild and wooly world of urban shamanry. What’s to differentiate a real deal, true blue shaman from your friendly, neighborhood Reiki master? The primary difference between a shaman and a healer is the shamanic initiation  — […]

Nothing Else Does!!!

I gaze through the eyes of your spirit I gaze through the eyes of your ego I notice the difference Happiness and sadness Which is the true self? Sadness has already happened Happiness IS in this moment We’re sharing it now A cyber Satsang gathering You and me minding our own business Sharing an idea and Getting serious […]

Happiness is good for the immune system

Every morning I say to myself before my legs swing over my bed, “I am so happy, all my dreams are coming true, thank you so much”. I call it setting my frequency for well being. Then I ask myself, “Anything in particular you need from me today?” There is always a response, (thank goodness […]