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Interruptions can be Unexpected Gifts

One of my favorite ways to groove into my meditation mojo, is listening to music. And on some days, the combination is a life saver. Like the other day, when I was listening to my favorite David Byrne, with earbuds, at MCafe in L.A. Both my ears were hanging so tight to every note, I […]

What is Reality?

This waking reality is not the only reality!! Explore your dreams, expand your consciousness, life awaits your bigger participation!!!

The Bigger Version of You

Participate with life! Explore what’s around you. Discover a bigger version of yourself waiting there. .

Parallel dream face

I dreamt I was lying next to David Byrne. I was comfortable cuddling into his right shoulder. We weren’t lovers but quickly becoming best friends. Then I saw my reflection in a mirror. I was displeased my bangs were parting in the middle. I moved them across my forehead. I wasn’t pleased with that look […]