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Charisse Landise SG Elite Clairvoyant Chakra Reader

I was selected as a Soulgarden elite clairvoyant reader. http://www.soulgardencollective.tv/page/sg-elite-readers-healers At SOULNIRVANA, visit my bi-weekly CHAKRA CENTRAL Classes. Learn colorful chakra secrets and strengthen your clairvoyance. It’s fun to follow our intuition. Everything is alive and responsive. Let’s celebrate the temporary in the eternal. There is no greater gift than awareness!!! Telepathically Yours, Charisse Landise […]

Nothing Else Does!!!

I gaze through the eyes of your spirit I gaze through the eyes of your ego I notice the difference Happiness and sadness Which is the true self? Sadness has already happened Happiness IS in this moment We’re sharing it now A cyber Satsang gathering You and me minding our own business Sharing an idea and Getting serious […]